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How do I prepare? What should I do first? It is hard to know how to start learning and when to make plans. Enter your estimated due date to check out some helpful guidelines and tailored timeline suggestions.

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All Throughout Pregnancy
  • Practice healthy habits.
  • Eat nutritious whole foods and drink plenty of water.
  • Stay physically active at moderate levels, and take time to regularly relax, de-stress, and talk to your baby.
  • Visit your medical provider for prenatal care. Ask questions!
  • Research doulas and schedule interviews. If a settled decision isn't forthcoming, wait.
  • Find a birth class to attend (contact me or check the resource page for suggestions in your area).
  • Read books, watch movies, and learn all you can.
  • Meet with your doula and chosen support people to share about you hopes, plan, desires, and fears.
  • Have them accompany you to a prenatal doctor/midwife appointment.
  • Learn about and discuss birth plan options.
  • Final equipping session with the birth doula to go over comfort measures, breathing techniques, relaxation methods, and practice positions for labor.
  • Review plans for communication when labor begins.
Anytime Along the Way!
  • Change your plans! If you feel unsettled about any of your decisions whether it be support people, place of birth, or care provider, make a switch.
  • Follow the path of peace. You will know when “everything is as it should be.”